How to Talk Longmire

Hey, Longmire Fan!
Thanks for considering a call to the program. Although unofficial in every way, Let’s Talk Longmire strives to be the best it can be just like the TV series we love so much. To that end, here’s what you can do and should expect when we chat.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at  The number is 270-255-9585.

What You Can Do

  • Talk slowly, plainly, clearly into your phone. Avoid “uh” and “um”.
  • Do not use a speaker phone. It picks up to much sound/noise around you for a good recording.
  • Be in a spot that is quiet. Kids, pets, traffic, TVs, etcs. all make for poor conversations. LTL cannot edit out that stuff.
  • Turn the ringer off your phone. Better yet, turn on the Do Not Disturb feature.
  • Don’t talk over the host. Listeners can’t understand either talker. Wait for a question from the host or for him to stop talking.
  • Have an idea of what you’d like to discuss. (If you call for a themed episode, stick with the theme.)
  • Give shorter answers. Listeners can follow the conversation better and enjoy it more. If the host wants more detail from your answer, he will ask. Break your answer into sections. Example: “Well, first, I think Walt should’ve…second, he could’ve…”
  • Stay positive and polite. This is intended to be fun and entertaining.
  • Unless it pertains to the episode, stay away from your specific political issues and religious doctrines.
  • Keep your language clean. No profanity. This is a PG show. You can listen to this in your car or home without fearing what your children/grandchildren will hear.

What You Should Expect

  • Expect the host to ask you if you’ve read this “How To” list.
  • The host will likely ask you if you have any questions before the conversation begins.
  • Expect the host to ask you your name, where you are from and what you do. Be general. Be safe. Use your middle name if you like. Say, “I live around Atlanta.”  and “I work in healthcare.” Whatever your comfortable with.
  • Expect your conversation with the host to last about 4-5 minutes.
  • The host may stop the conversation and restart it to improve the final program. Think of it has a movie director yelling “Cut!”
  • Respect the host’s announcing that time is up. He will thank you for calling. You will comment. He will say “Good bye” and end the call.
  • Expect your conversation to be edited.
    • The essence of the conversation will remain intact, but phrases, silences, awkward laughs, “uhs,” etc. will be often be removed.
    • If the conversation runs long, segments of it may be deleted so the show can fit in the time allotted. Example: If you converse about topics A, B, C, and D which total 7 minutes, Topic B may be deleted so the other can run in the 4-5 minute span.
  • If the call fails/drops, wait one minute and call back. Check for a weak cellular signal and move to another spot if possible.
  • If you use profanity, becoming negative or overly critical/cynical, insult the host or show, yell/scream, or attempt to advance an agenda, the conversation will end and the host will end the call.
  • In rare cases, your conversation be not be used. Technical issues can arise. Other circumstances may make us unable to use your conversation on the program.

I hope you’ll join the soiree of continual conversation about Longmire!


Longmire is a production of Two Boomerang, The Shephard/Robin Company, and Warner Horizon Television for Netflix Entertainment Company. All rights are reserved by their copyright holders.

Let’s Talk Longmire is a fan production and makes no claims of ownership or rights to Longmire. Let’s Talk Longmire is a fan endaevor and volunteer enterprise. No fees are charged nor advertising accepted. Persons associated with Let’s Talk Longmire do not profit in anyway from this podcast.